New Ford Explorer Stands Out Against the Competition

Wewoka and Shawnee drivers looking for a new SUV might be considering options from our competitors such as the GMC Acadia, Jeep Grand Cherokee, or Chevrolet Traverse. However, our team at Seminole Ford recommends the new Ford Explorer, and rightfully so! Compare the model of our choice to its opposition and you will see that it holds the upper hand in more ways than one.

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Find your ideal used car in Seminole, OK today

Buying a brand new vehicle isn't your only option at the end of the day. However, finding the right used car dealership can be tricky. Here at Seminole Ford, we proudly offer Seminole, OK area drivers the best selection of used vehicles in the area. We offer transparent pricing, haggle-free sales and high quality vehicles.


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Our used inventory includes endless options when it comes down to body style, brand and capability. Our team will find out w

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Comparing the Ford F-150 to the Competitors at Seminole Ford

It should come as no surprise that drivers from all over the country absolutely love the Ford F-150 - and have for generations! - but, of course, we know that savvy truck-buyers in the Seminole, OK area deserve more detail than that. So, to prove just how amazing the F-150 really is, we've put together a page comparing the F-150 to other competing trucks so you can get the straight facts about what makes it so incredible.


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New Inventory at Seminole Ford in Oklahoma

Have you been looking for a new car, truck or SUV in the Seminole, OK area? We have the selection and variety you've been looking for.

Do you need a new sedan like the Ford Fiesta? The Fiesta is a great choice when you're looking for something compact, fuel efficient and fun to drive. Maybe you need something larger for the family, like the…

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Routine Service Will Extend Your Vehicle's Lifetime

Because of our busy, seemingly endless days, it's often easy to forget the importance of keeping up with regular service on your vehicle. This is so important and integral in ensuring that it runs safely and smoothly for years to come, however.


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At Seminole Ford, we can get you on a routine service and maintenance schedule with reminders so you won't end up driving on old oil - or worse - and da

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Maintain the Quality of Your Ride with These Summer Tips!

While the thick of the summer season has come and gone, we're not out of the woods yet when it comes to hotter temperatures in the Seminole, OK area. Our team at Seminole Ford is focused on providing ideal service when you need it, but is focused on offering any advice we can to prevent unnecessary damages to your vehicle's ride quality during those hotter days. Stick to these tips and you'll be cruising smoothly into the cooler months ahead:

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