Are you worried about the potential for summer storms to leave your home without power? If so, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning may be the truck for you. Equipped with Ford Intelligent Backup Power, the F-150 Lightning can use its battery pack to run your home when the grid goes dark in Prague. Learn more about this new Ford feature by continuing to read below or contacting a Seminole Ford representative today!

How Does Ford Intelligent Backup Power Work?

When you connect your Ford F-150 Lightning to the 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro, your truck will begin discharging to your house when connected to the breaker. The Ford Charge Station Pro comes with all extended-range F-150 Lightning models near Holdenville or as an available addition to standard-range battery trucks. Once connected by a professionally licensed electrician, you'll be able to enjoy up to three days of continuous power when your Wewoka neighborhood goes dark or up to ten days of power when rationed correctly.*

*Ford provides these estimates based on a 30 kWh usage per day when using an extended-range F-150 Lightning. Rationing assumes you limit device usage and turn the truck off when power is not required. Your results may vary depending on environmental conditions or energy usage habits.

Who Installs the Ford Charge Station Pro?

Utilizing the preferred installer, Sunrun, a home integration system can be purchased and installed on the exterior or interior of your home. Ford recommends using Sunrun throughout the whole process as they are the most experienced at installing the official Ford Charge Station Pro system near Shawnee, OK. Sunrun also provides management for all installation steps, from acquiring permits to powering up for the first time.

Learn More About Ford Intelligent Backup Power

Interested in learning more about the Ford F-150 Lightning and its ability to power your home in an emergency? Our team will be more than happy to inform you about our lineup of Ford F-150 Lightning trucks and how their features can improve your life. Visit our showroom to learn more about the Ford Intelligent Backup Power in Seminole, OK!

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