Perhaps the biggest automotive news story of the year is the Ford Bronco introduction. Seminole, OK fans have raved about the style and the proposed capability information on the vehicle. Part of the Bronco roll-out was the introduction of the Ford Bronco Sport. So, what is the Bronco Sport? Let's look.

Finally, a Capable Small SUV

The Ford Bronco Sport is the small size version of the Bronco. This makes the Bronco Sport one of the few true off-road small SUVs. For Holdenville drivers who prefer a smaller size vehicle, the Ford Bronco Sport gives the easier to navigate size without compromising any off-road capability. Also, along with the smaller size, the Bronco Sport comes with a smaller price tag.

G.O.A.T Mode

One of the highlights of the Bronco Sport roll-out was the introduction of an exciting new drive mode feature known as G.O.A.T Mode. G.O.A.T standard for "Goes Over All Terrain." True to its name, the Bronco Sport will have the ability to travel over everything from sand to snow, grass, rock, gravel, and more.

Old School Bronco Look

What got most people excited about the Bronco Sport introduction is that the SUV brings back that "box shape" old school SUV look. This style approach makes the Bronco Sport appear timeless and gives the small SUV an aggressive appearance. Other notable styling cues on the Bronco Sport include roof rails, black fender guards and the Bronco name embossed on the grille.

Top Protective Design

When Ford said that the Bronco Sport was designed to go almost anywhere, they meant it. One look at the design and the engineering show Wewoka drivers that the Bronco Sport is meant for rough conditions. First off, the Bronco Sport has an 8.8-inch ground clearance that makes it ideal for climbing over rocks, branches, and forging standing water. Also, the SUV comes standard with steel bash plates to protect its undercarriage. Finally, the Bronco Sport comes with durable 17-inch all-terrain tires for top grip and terrain control.

Our Prague Area Dealership

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