Ford Starts Work On Michigan Central Station

Whether you’re a driver from Seminole, OK or the Shawnee, OK area, you’re likely interested in the Ford brand. And that’s because Ford has a long history of created durable and powerful trucks as well as a range of other models. Something that Oklahoma drivers appreciate. But residents from Holdenville and Wewoka also appreciate other things, like a commitment to community. And that’s exactly what Ford has done by choosing to restore the Michigan Central Station to its former glory.

Ford Demonstrates a Commitment to Michigan

Launched in June of 2019, the program to help restore Michigan Central Station is well underway. Ford has enlisted a variety of organizations in order to tackle this huge task, and that means opportunity has been created for a range of workers. From high school students to industry professionals, the Ford Motor Company hopes to bring people together in order to restore the Michigan Central Station.

High school students that work on the project earn both an income and a unique opportunity for experience. The investment in the youth of Detroit by Ford shows that this company is both dedicated to bringing beauty to the city as well as a brighter future. Which is something that should excite everyone.

Ford Develops Michigan Central Station

To retain the historical integrity of the building, unique limestone is being used. The same limestone that was originally used to construct the building in the early 20th century. In fact, the same Indian quarry that was used back then is being used again. Talk about a blast from the past. Approximately 300 blocks of stones will be shipped from the quarry to Capital Stoneworks in Bridgeport, Michigan. Once there, the raw stone will be fabricated to pieces needed for the train station.

When the train station was first opened in 1913, it featured 18 stories and accommodated as many as 200 trains a day. With 600,000 square feet, this building served as a beacon for Detroit drivers and beyond until 1988. For the past 30 years, this building has been vacant until the Ford Motor Company decided to change that.

Learn How Ford Helps Detroit and Beyond

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