While the thick of the summer season has come and gone, we're not out of the woods yet when it comes to hotter temperatures in the Seminole, OK area. Our team at Seminole Ford is focused on providing ideal service when you need it, but is focused on offering any advice we can to prevent unnecessary damages to your vehicle's ride quality during those hotter days. Stick to these tips and you'll be cruising smoothly into the cooler months ahead:

  • Maintain a routine of checking your oil consistently. More often than not, low oil volume is one of the largest reasons for engine failure or maintenance issues. We recommend switching to a higher viscosity during the summer, with its greater thickness proving to be ideal for vehicles in warmer regions.
  • Stay on top of your battery's lifespan. Typically, drivers aren't conscious to how long their battery has lasted under the hood. If you have one that is more than a couple years old, you should keep its longevity in mind and prepare for the worst during those 90+ degree days.
  • Be sure your A/C works properly. There are few things quite as awful as dealing with a broken cooling system, such as having to deal with it during a hot downpour. We recommend avoiding the issue altogether by having your coolant inspected in the spring, so that it can be repaired before the heat truly arrives.

With these tips, we're certain that local drivers will make short work of any issues that the remaining summer heat can cause. If you're in need of service, simply stop by 2222 North Milt Phillips Avenue to take advantage of our mechanics today!

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